Neon experience.

Tux Rock

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Just to share my experience with Neon (free) :

On May 8 I activate my account: date of the first payment to Neon.

On May 12, I received a message "Your Mastercard is waiting to be sent. Please transfer money to be ready for neon.". The Mastercard has already reached me... Customer service responds completely wrong.

On May 23, I still haven't received the money from the "promo code" that I used when opening. Customer service replied, "The payment process for promotional credits is done manually with us. It can take up to two weeks before you receive the money."

On May 30, I reported that card debits which had been pending for 7 days... Response from customer service "Our partner bank noted that payments (incoming and outgoing) with the card made around 05.23.24 did not have not been recorded on the account They will proceed to the accounting soon.

On May 31, I reported that my card was declined and appears to have been inactivated. Customer service response "Sorry, the system blocked your card by mistake. We have now unblocked it and it should work.". Luckily I had cash...

On June 3, still nothing received for the "promo code" even though it should have been done for a long time, relaunch...

On June 4. Response "the starting credit of 10 CHF by a negotiation credit of 30" which is contrary to what was told to me on 23.5

On June 11. Unable to connect "it didn't work".

So of course, it's free but frankly: unjustified messages, manual processing, contradictory information (promo code changed), operations not recorded, card blocked "by mistake", connection impossible.

A positive point though, customer service responds even if their first response was off, the other responses were quick.

But overall, this is not recommended.

Similar reports on the internet led me to choose Yuh instead. No issues so far for myself.
I've never used Neon but I know many are actually satisfied (including @Baptiste Wicht if I recall correctly)...

But even if it was bad luck, I don't think that would keep me there if this would've happened to me 😅
Thanks for sharing your sad experience with Neon.

Except for the salary-day issues in the past, I never had a single issue with Neon. But I have heard a few stories of the sort, unfortunately. It appears that they still need to figure out some technical difficulties.