Trouble with bond investment


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Investing in bonds (I'm not talking about bond ETFs) seems to be a straight forward procedure as long as the issuer doesn't get into trouble. You know what you have to pay for buying them, you get your interest and you know exactly when you get the lump sum back. That's what I thought. Recently I found happily such an incoming interest payment in my statement of a bond issued by a big French bank (CAC 40) just to be irritated some days later when the transaction was cancelled. Asking the broker about the reeason the reply was some issue with the stock depository. Pament is now pending for nearly a month. Are there any similar expirences?
Hi gws,

I have never invested in single bonds directly, but I have never heard about this issue either.

It's entirely true that a bond is only as safe as the company issuing it. And there is no guarantee that everything will be paid in case of bankruptcy.

However, I think it is really weird that the payment is delayed by a month on a technical issue.

Anybody heard of something like this?