What ETF portfolio do you use?

Hello everyone,

I am very new to investing and I invested all my personal investment as follow:
  • 100% VT
I also opened a 3a account with Finpension as follow:
  • 99% CSIF (CH) III Equity World ex CH Quality - Pension Fund DB
  • 1% liquidity
Do you have any advice ?
Keep it in cash, in the highest interest rate account you can find without any withdrawal limits. Mine is in Neon spaces, but you should not invest your emergency fund.

I just opened a Zak account from Cler bank (formerly Coop bank). They offer a new saving account at 1.3% up to 100'000CHF with a 10´000chf a year limit without notice, or a three months notice for more (by phone).

Good option if you can bear the 3 month notice. I use it for my car leasing where I have put two years of leasing rate in advance (667.80/Month) and I add every month 1120chf to cover the missing month + the residual value to buy back the car at the end of the leasing (still 29 months to go). Ideally I would sell some stocks to cover the 29 time 1120 and put them on that account in advance. For now the stocks have been more rewarding. But too risky for the short term.

I have then a recurring transfer from the saving account to the Zak account and then two days later another one from the Zak account to the leasing bank.

The leasing has a 0.99% rate. The residual value will be 26700. I will be able to give a three month notice. This should allow me to cover the cost of the leasing and a little more.

Have to say in this specific case, my goal is to not worry about the leasing and forget the zak account altogether.