A.I. version of website?


New member
Hey @Baptiste Wicht - out of interest, have you considered making an AI version of your website? You have so many clearly written articles, it's a lot of great content to ground a model in.

I saw you can even use things like Microsofts Copilot to 'point at a website' and then publish that copilot.

For example, not sure if you know of Luke W (he wrote the Mobile First book several years ago) but he recently made an AI version of his website: https://ask.lukew.com/ - very cool.

Makes you think about what an AI personal finance tool would be like, the possibilities compared to standard apps today.
Hi Will

That's a very interesting idea. I never thought of that. It could be a good addition to the search on my blog. And it could even be a good filter to some emails I get. The issue is often to host these things because this can be costly.

But I will look into it; thanks for the suggestion!