Detailed final tax bill


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So far I've never seen any "detailed" final tax bill where I could see which parts were accepted and which not.
This year the final bill matches exactly the amount from the original tax reports I've sent them, so I guess that means they accepted it "as is".
If they do not accept some deductions etc., will we as tax payers be informed about this or will we just figure out something changed by looking at the final bill?

I guess it's different in different cantons (I'm in ZH), but would also be interesting to get some opinions/experiences from other regions.

That's a good question. I would expect them to add a note to the final tax statement with what was not accepted.

At least, in the canton of Fribourg, that's what they do. I have had a few notes indicating that they reduced some deductions.
I see, so maybe they just accepted everything so far. I wondered because I wanted to "learn about my mistakes" from the past, but maybe there were none that they felt worthy to correct.
If they wouldn't mention anything but just not accept a certain deduction that you include year by year it would be a waste of time to include that in the future.
But then I'll continue as usual :D
I would hope they always mention it.

One other thing you could do is compare all the numbers on the final tax bill with the numbers from the tax software. If they have amended something, you should be able to see it.