FIRE calculator


Some time ago, Vanguard Nest Egg Calculator was closed for no particular reason, and I have looked for an alternative. I have found FI Calc. It is a withdrawal success rate calculator run by a private person from US named James, which offers two interesting features:
  • future pension payments can be taken into account; one can set how late they start after the early retirement date
  • several dynamic withdrawal strategies can be tested (James himself prefers Vanguard Dynamic Spending)
Unlike Vanguard calculator, it operates with withdrawal sums in $, and not withdrawal rates in %.
Hi @Max

Thanks for sharing. This calculator looks well polished and has many features. And the dynamic withdrawal strategies are definitely nice to have.

On the other hand, it looks like it's doing only yearly simulations instead of monthly, which greatly reduces the number of simulations.

Shameless plug: I prefer my calculator :D

But it's definitely less polished.