Investing to buy a house


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Hello everyone,
I recently started investing thanks to Baptiste’s advice. My goal is to be able to have 20% of my own capital to be able to buy a house in 5-10 years. I started investing 50k in the following way (80% VT, 10% VOO, 10% CHSPI). Realistically, is it possible to earn 200k to reach this goal? Thank you very much for your opinions and advice.
Hi Xandros

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I am unsure I understand. Do you want to quadruple your 50k? Or do you plan to continue investing regularly? Because 4x your investment will take more than 5-10 years, at least on average.

If you plan to continue investing in that portfolio, then it's more realistic. Keep in mind that 5-10 years is still relatively short. You have a high probability of increasing your returns over 10 years, but there is still a nonnegligible possibility that your portfolio will be down in 5-10 years. But as long as you are prepared for this, I think it's reasonable to invest. If you were looking at 3 years, I would recommend not investing, but 5-10 years start to be more reasonable for stocks if you have some flexibility.