You can now invest with finpension!

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As of a few hours ago, the finpension invest service is out!

This is a Robo-advisor service with some nice features and low fees!
  • They are the first robo-advisor to offer tax benefits similar to US ETFs (in some cantons)
  • They have support for private markets
  • They support savings and de-savings plans

As usual, finpension does not disappoint on delivery! It does look like an excellent Robo-advisor.

My full review will be published next Tuesday.

You can read more information on their website:

Let me know what you think!
Fees look much more appealing than Selma for most investments (anything below <500k), but for larger it becomes more expensive if I read that correctly (0.39% + 0.08% for the cheapest TER = 0.47%; vs. Selma at 0.42% above 500k).
But at >500k investing, I think it anyway doesn't make sense to use a roboadvisor because the fees are still getting very high even with the cheapest option.

I also like the more passive approach compared to Selma (which are restructuring and buying/selling more frequently).

Looking forward to your review! :)
Thanks for sharing your point of view.

vs. Selma at 0.42% above 500k
You are missing an important point, Selma has an extra 0.22% fee for the ETF TERs. Even at 500k, Selma would cost around 0.64, significantly more expensive than Finpension and that's not even taking into account the advantage for US dividends.
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I assume you meant "more expensive than Finpension"? Good point about the WHT, Finpension seems to be much more progressive and optimized here than Selma, even though I still didn't fully dig through Finpensions extensive FAQs yet...