How are you tracking your investments?


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Hello everyone,

I'd like to gather some insights on how you track your stock portfolio. What tools or methods do you use to monitor and manage your financial investments? I would appreciate your advice and recommendations on best practices for financial tracking.

Thank you in advance for sharing your experiences!
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For me good old excel. But in the end the ideal tool is really specific to your needs.

I only track the (annual) performance in order to allocate my contributions to underperforming assets and to rebalance beginning year.

40% ACWIS, 40% VT, 10% AVGV, 5% AVUV, 5% AVDV
I have chosen the most complicated approach (but also fun) and wrote my own application for my budget and investments:

But if I could not code, I would simply use Google Sheets.

And I think that for most people, looking once per month into the portfolio is enough and will reduce stress.
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I think I've tried them all, or most of them. Leave you here my feedback:

  • Spreadsheet: My current Networth go-to tool, I've created my own file with dashboard and information that is relevant to me.
  • Delta: Simple and has a free version. Very cool if you intend to connect/track Interactive Brokers (or any other supported brokers) for basic information as additional data is available only under a subscription. Can also add manual operations (ETF/Stock, crypto, others) which can help but I mostly use it to track broker data. Still, very helpful to track gain/loss, fees, dividends, etc. I use this one as my "secondary" tool, which also helps me double-check my spreadsheet numbers are in line.
  • Kubera: Cool tool, not cheap but nothing crazy. Covers a lot more than the basics, which might be useful for more pro users. Did try the 1-month trial back when they offered it for free, now the 14 days trial is 1$, which is still okay.
  • Sharesight: Another interesting tool, has a free tier with limited features but depending on how many "things" you want to track this might be enough.
  • PortfolioPerformance: Free and open-source tool, cool but can be overwhelming to start with.

Hope this helps! I am also interested in learning back from the community on which tools you use!

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1. Does somebody use Google Finance to track the investments? I've just started to use it, however it does not find ticker CHSPI. (iShares Core SPI® ETF (CH)). It is really frustrating.

2. Google Spreadsheet - Data Stocks: It does not find ticker ROG (Roche), only RO which is slightly different. Do you have any idea how I can find ROG?


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