Using an EU property as equity?


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Hello everyone,
I have been recently playing with a frisky thought of buying a property in Switzerland (for own residence, not renting). Since I come from EU (currently on B-permit, plannig to stay and upgrade), I know that my options might be somewhat limited. According to my so-far research, Swiss banks do not like lending money on buying properties abroad. This is not my case. At the same time, I know as equity this can also be counted:
  • Personal savings (checking and savings account)
  • Securities and valuables
  • Surrender of insurance policies
  • Advance inheritances, gifts and loans from family and friends
  • Early withdrawal from pillar 3a
Now, What I did not find is whether Swiss Banks accept EU-property as equity/collateral as a part of securities for buying a home in Switzerland? Would anyone know more about this?

Thank you for your comments

PS. Also big thanks to Baptiste, thank you for all the efforts and sharing your story.

Even though I am not sure about the details, I would be surprised if they did. I would expect only some very niche situations where banks would accept to take such equity in the downpayment. In some cases, you can pledge yourportfolio for the 10% in cash, but I have never heard of pledging foreign real estate.