Investing in "Start-Ups"


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Hi everyone,
I recently stumbled on this offer from Swissquote, which allows you to invest in some of the biggest unicorns (not really start-ups anymore but anyway).

I have several questions about it, for which I would be happy to have several opinions:
- What do you think of this offer?
- What do you think about investing in start-ups in general? Do you know any other way to invest in startups (I saw Hiive, but it's not really available to everyone)?
- What do you think of private equity in general?

I was thinking about such an investment maybe for a bit of fun money (5% of my investment max).
Hi tanguy

In my opinion, there is some value about private equity, but it's generally way too expensive. And there is way too much noise about it. It won't deliver huge returns in most cases.

This video is quite good:

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