VIAC vs Finpension details


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Hi all

I am currently looking at the different 3a pillar provider, even though I am not yet sure I will use one (I have a B permit and after some calculation, it would save me a bit of tax, but I am not sure it's completely worth it)

Anyways, I came to the conclusion that Finpension and Viac are the 2 best options. I have 2 questions. I hope I didn't miss the answer somewhere on the blog.

First do you know if Viac has fees for early withdrawal (for instance if going abroad or for a house) ? I didn't find anything on their website, but I wanted to be sure.

Secondly, Viac ofter a mortgage service, allowing to easily pledge the invested 3a pillar. What do you think of this service ? I think finpension doesn't offer this, can we pledge a 3a pillar account to get a mortgage from another institution?

Thank you very much for your answer, and thank you Mr ThePoorSwiss for the blog and all your answers, it is super useful for me to understand the swiss system and what are the best options here

Hi Tanguy

Yes, Finpension and VIAC are the best options, in my opinion as well :)

VIAC has a 300 CHF fee for early withdrawal for a house, but only if you don't use WIR bank for the mortgage.

I have never used that service, but it's interesting. I would not choose WIR/VIAC as a mortgage provider only for that, but all things considered, if they have good mortgages and a good third pillar, it could be interesting.

Finpension does not have this service, indeed. In theory, you could pledge your finpension 3a assets with any bank. However, most banks will not accept to pledge assets outside of their own banks.

Recently I came across Tellco 3a account. They offer a fix account for 3rd pillar with 1.60% interest, which I really consider a good option for the ones that don't like to risk (now I have my 3rd pillar with Yuh and sometimes I am losing money with a Mild strategy...). I was also considering to move my third pillar to VIAC, but now I am confused.
Could you give us your feedback?
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