Best provider for .ch domain and related email/website services


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I would like to register a new .ch domain and parallels open one/two email address with ich domain.

Which provider do you suggest?
Any order of magnitude of price in the middle long time (first year is always cheap, but then…)?
All direct.or indirect experiences are very welcome.

On the long time, I would like to open on the same domain a website. Obviously I will not start from scratch because too complex, so I am thinking to use any of those website automathic creators to simplify the job.

Any suggestion?

The best would be to use the some provider of the domain, to simplify the overall process…

Thanks in advance

In the past, I have used both Infomaniak and host star for hosting in Switzerland. I had a slightly better experience with hoststar, but both are quite good.

As a CMS, Wordpress works great and powers a lot of the internet. Just be careful with plugins because vulnerabilities often come from these.

My favorite is definitively Infomaniak. I've spent two years ago a lot of time looking for an email hoster as I've switched (once again) the internet provider and lost with this change also my email address.

The overal package from Infomaniak is great: The .ch domain costs about 10CHF; the servers are located in Switzerland only. On top of it you get an email address with unlimited space and access to the cloud. For additional CHF 2.20/month you're getting another 4 email addresses for your family and you can generate unlimited e-mail aliases. Emails from your former email hoster can be easily transferred to Infomaniak.

In the meantime I've also registered for a webhosting; you can even ask for a trail period and might get one year for free to generate your webpage with wordpress.

Protonmail is another great hoster; but it's much more expensive when compared to Infomaniak.

Even tough I'm very happy with Infomaniak I'm always looking for alternatives. So if someone can suggest another great provider and experiences with it, please share this with us.

Important note: the prices listed by Infomaniak are excl. VAT!

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Take out email accounts out of the equation, because you can set up your domain (or hosting) to forward emails (and reply) through gmail while making it look like you use your official domain email address. This can be configured, but you will have to google a bit to find the correct tutorial.