Neon Duo: First digital joint account

Baptiste Wicht

The Poor Swiss
Staff member
Even though this was already discussed in the forum, I would like to mention it again: Neon Duo is now available as the first digital joint account from Switzerland.

Overall, it's very well integrated into Neon and requires both parties to already have a Neon account to create the joint account.

This account is not free, it costs 6 CHF per month (3 CHF for each person). And you will get two cards. You can then transfer to and from your standard account to your joint account.

This is currently in beta, so, approvals are currently manual (I am still in the wait list), but they will be automated once this goes out of beta.

I will have a full review available this month.

What do you think about this offer?
Seems to be reasonable option for those already having a Neon account. If not, I would rather open a ZKB account which offers joint accounts for free. Since I live in Zurich I wouldn't even mind going there in person to verify my identity, if necessary.
How did I miss this news?!?!

Does this mean we can finally be free of our UBS Account with its clunky app and 15 CHF monthly fee?!?
Yes :) (As long as you are willing to pay 6 CHF per month instead).

I will probably switch this to our main joint accounts just to avoid Migros Bank apps.
I managed to get into Neon's joint account beta last month. I think I approached the Neon Support Team couple months before with some questions including the joint account and they somehow picked me.
The beta was short and they released to the public Google Play store couple weeks ago. The good side of joining beta was that they won't charge you any joint account fees for a year.

The onboarding required both "joiners" to already have Neon account and have the same address.

So far,

- Individual to joint transfers are instant
- Individual/Joint toggle switches app color, nice concept, so far only for Home/Transactions list, hopefully the coloring will extend to Payments page
- New Mastercard prepaid card has different color than individual one, very easy to pick the right one from your wallet

- There're couple small glitches, like individual/joint view toggle for transaction views sometimes lagging or mixing both accounts in the list of transactions.
- There're also the same performance issues during peak hours whether you are using individual or joint account.
- Spaces / Saving account - only individual

Still, I am looking forward to Baptiste's review.
@RandomName thanks for sharing!

I have not noticed any glitch on my end. But the peak salary issues are very likely to be there indeed (and may become worse with more users). I also felt quite disappointed about the lack of spaces in the joint account. I wanted our emergency fund to be in our joint account.

Note: My full review will be published tomorrow