Retired in Europe, investing in Euro, good idea ?


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If you plan the be retired in an european country, Do you think is a good thing to invest in euro?
I mean, there is a chance that euro come back at 1.2 CHF.
Thanks in advance for your return.
If a few conditions are met:
* You are sure you will retire in a country with Euro (not all countries from the EU have euros)
* You are sure this country will still have Euros by the time you retire (Brexit paved the way for changes)
* You find good investments in EUR
* You think that EUR will hold its value against CHF (if it does not, you are better off with CHF and then convert before retirement).

Then, you could definitely invest in EUR.

But what is a EUR investment? Generally, the best ETFs we have in Switzeralnd are US ETFs, and these ETFs are in USD. I would not avoid them just for having EUR in a portfolio. You may be wasting money by using EUR ETFs instead of USD ones.