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Baptiste Wicht

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Hi everybody

As many of you have said, it was a good idea to have a forum for the community, so I decided to try it out.

At this stage, we can consider the forum to be in beta. If everything goes well, the forum will live and improve over time. But if there is no fraction over time, I may not keep it since it is not free for me to operate.

The goal of this forum is the same as the goal of the blog: helping people with their money in Switzerland. I hope this forum will help us achieve this goal better.

Since it is just getting started, I would love some feedback for categories, features, and such.

Let me know what you think!
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Let's see how it flies. I like the idea. There is nothing wrong with having a little cosy place for people, interested in FI, doing little by little and helping out each other. Thanks for your work, Baptiste!
Thank you very much. I recommend your blog to any newcomers at work.

New arrivals typically bring their own biases regarding financial matters, which may have served them well in their places of origin; they often lack strong local contacts to recalibrate their approach, leading some of them to make significant financial mistakes. Thank you for your excellent work.
Thank you for opening the forum! It's great that we have a place to talk or ask questions among users, perfect for sharing ideas and share updates in the investment/banking world in Switzerland.

Your blog has been a great help in starting my investment journey!