Books about finance

It's difficult to pick one. I have read many finance books, including some very bad ones.

I would say The Simple Path to Wealth is among the best I have read, quickly followed by Just Keep Buying.


I will put the Psychology of money on my list of books to read!
@Baptiste Wicht ah wow, surprised you haven't read Psychology of Money yet, you will love it I'm sure.

It's a great, very short, read. Even though it's preaching to the converted, the essays are fantastic to read and 'nod along' to.
well, I actually struggle to love it. I am still trying to make up my mind about it. some parts are just amazing about this book, some are ... like Morgan had a contract and just had to write 2x more pages, if you see what I mean ))
my all time favorite is Burton Malkiel: A random walk down Wall Street.
Sound advice and strategy (indexing buy & hold), empiric scientific data
to explain why retail investors (and pro's) rarely beat the markets.

similar evidence based by many scientific data:
Gerd Kommer: Souverän investieren mit Indexfonds und ETFs

I feel, I do not need any other book.
(but possibly a good tax advizor with international taxes knowledge,
and for CH this very good Baptiste website.) is also nice for Germany.

bye, good luck everybody!
Just heard about "How to Retire" which sounds good


@Bubble_StCergue thanks for that Balance tip, hadn't heard of the author before, sounds interesting!