coffee machine


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I saw in the last entry of the blog that Batiste bought a an espresso machine.
I wondered which equipment you bought as I am a big fan of espresso.
I did buy a Cafelat robot for one of my birthday and then a niche zero (second hand ) for the birthday one year later.
I think it was a good investment as they where relatively cheap and that my return on investment must have been done within 1. 5 years

I bought a Profitec Pro 700 espresso machine after a lot of research. As a grinder, I bought a Niche Zero as well.
For me, it's not an investment because this will not replace any espresso in a café, but it's definitely a good purchase, and I can make nice espresso at home. Although my technique is far from perfect!

Are you happy with your Cafelat? I had never heard of them before.
I am super happy about the cafelat. Manual give me feedback of how good the grind of the coffee is for the pressure and since it is super simple, I can make an espresso in 5 minutes including the heating of water.
The machine does not need any maintenance, which I am sure I would be too lazy to do if I had a more "conventional " machine