Where do you keep your emergency fund?


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In the bank for liquidity, but which bank and account is the best for easy-access whilst not actually losing money over time in real terms? Interested to see what people are doing here. Thanks!
I get the question, but the focus is on liquidity and low vol. The tradeoff is and has been for a number of years a loss in purchasing power.

So, keep the fund liquid and as big i.e. small as your liabilities require.
since our emergency fund is relatively small, we keep it in Neon Spaces. The interest rate is not the best, but 0.9% is enough for me. Also, I don't want to chase the highest interest rate account, that's not the purpose of our emergency fund.
I have a savings account at CLER and WilBe, but most money is still at IBKR in USD as we moved back to Switzerland after 9years being in the US.