3a or keep savings


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I'm going to start studying part-time, so I'll have to reduce my working hours to 70%.
According to my calculations, with my current lifestyle (including my 3a, on which I'm paying the maximum), I'll have to dip into my savings by around $1,000 a month.
Should I give up my 3a for the duration of my studies, so that I only have 412 to dip into my savings each month, or should I continue to pay in the maximum and see my savings melt away more quickly? (At 1000.- per month, I still have several years of savings ahead of me).
3a is also savings right? It's not liquid, and you have to (likely) wait a while to get access until you become self-employed etc., but it is still savings that stays your money. From that perspective I would say yes, continue to pay into 3a *unless*:

-you realize that until the end of your studies you will chew into the emergency fund (which I wouldn't call savings) you need to survive for 3-6 months
-you plan to spend the savings immediately after you finish studying and can't wait to pile up more

If you can I would still consider optimizing the expenses during that time, but that's of course depending on your personal circumstances.
I am not sure I understand the problem.

If your savings are also your emergency fund, then you should not dip into it. And if you can't invest in your 3a, pay your living expenses and keep your emergency, you should indeed stop your 3a for the time being.
Thanks for your answers !

@Baptiste Wicht no these savings are not part of my emergency fund. I won't be able to pay for my living expenses without stop investing in my 3a OR dip into my savings, but I will not touch to my emergency fund.
Let me know if I need to make any clarifications
Then, what are your savings for? If they are cash, I would dip into them. If they are stocks, keep them in stocks and reduce your 3a to not have to sell stocks.